Age comes to everyone sooner or later. Old age is often associated with a lot of health issues and mental disorders. As per research, it has been found that one in every four elderly people is suffering from a mental or neurological disorder. The most common neurological disorder found in people is Alzheimer’s. Few other neurological diseases are a stroke, coma, Huntington, and muscular dystrophy.
Proper care and rehabilitation services are essential for the patients who are the victim of neurological disorders. In the case of neurological disorder, the nerves of the brain affect various other organs such as face, body, arms, and legs. The damage caused to the nervous system will result in various other problems such as:
  •  Difficulty in managing the movement of body parts
  •  Problem during speaking, seeing, or swallowing
  •  Affecting memory
  •  Lack of concentration
Every family member expects a lively and friendly atmosphere in a Neurocare Center for their loved ones. When coupled with a family like atmosphere, nutritious food, physical activities, recreational activities, and medical ailment, these neuro care healthcare centers can do wonders towards the recovery schedule of the patients. The elderly people specifically need more focus, attention, and love. Therefore, the family members need to select the best facility that supports additional living services so that the elderly people are assisted with day-to-day activities.
Kadji The Care is an Assisted Living Facility For Elderly . The care center provides a friendly and lively atmosphere to the patients along with the medical facilities. These services offered at Kadji helps the patients to recover faster.
The objective of Kadji is to increase the patient’s functional stamina and decrease the dependency on the caregiver. The care center adopts various approaches to healing the patients quickly. Various physical activities such as strengthening motor skills, doing exercises, improvising muscle strength, providing walking aids to patients, doing constraint-induced therapy, and much more are performed so that the patients can heal from the symptoms of neurological disorders. These exercises are done to strengthen patients suffering from neurological disorders against following symptoms:
  •  Functional limb weakness
  •  Bowel and bladder problems
  •  Sensory symptoms
  •  Visual problems
  •  Disorientation
  •  Dizziness
  •  Walking problems
  •  Swallowing problems
  •  Slurred speech
  •  Poor memory
Kadji the Care center ensures 24-hour care and implementation of rehabilitation strategies to cure the neurological disorder. After examining the health conditions, an appropriate treatment and recovery plan is decided for the patients. It has been found that the earlier you start stroke rehabilitation, there are more chances to regain the lost abilities as well as skills. However, the doctors available at Kadji prioritize to let the medical condition at the constant state and manage the life-threatening conditions.
The stroke rehabilitation strategy provided at Kadji is based on the probable recovery as well as the intensity of the symptoms of the patients. You can feel safe after admitting your loved ones at Kadji where every patient is treated like family members with the most appropriate medical treatment given to them. Kadji believes in treating the patients with utmost care, love, and affection.

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