Choosing the right elderly care service for your ageing parents or grandparents can seem like a challenge.
Nursing home, also known as a skilled nursing facility, is a place for people who don’t need to be in hospital but can no longer be cared for at home. In the past, nursing homes were synonymous with old age homes- they provided long term custodial care for patients who could no longer take care of themselves, usually for the rest of their lives. Today only, one fourth of the new patients fall into this category. Now most admissions to nursing homes follow hospitalization, typically short term stays for rehabilitation until patient has recovered enough to be sent home for complete recovery.
Even under the best of circumstances, caregiving can easily disrupt your routine – work and social life; sleeping habits; exercise routine etc. Eventually it starts affecting your physical and emotional health. And it isn’t always possible to be available all the time, and you still wish to preserve the relationship with your parents/grandparents as a family member and not just a care giver. Kadji The Care, acts as a perfect solution for taking care of your elders.
We ensure that we have registered nurses on duty all the times, for people who need special care, alongside we also make sure everyone has access to other professional health care services – dieticians, speech pathologists – on a regular basis. For the people who don’t need specialized care, we also make sure that a registered nurse checks up on them on a regular basis, to make sure they are healthy at all times.
Kadji The Care, is one of kind Elderly Care Center in Gujarat, offering in-house entertainment with different activities planned on a daily basis, so that your loved ones don’t feel bored and are always engaged with something or the other. We also provide occupational therapy programs and activities that provide relaxation to everyone. For the people who are room-bound, in the care center, we make sure that we curate activities for them which can easily be carried out in the comfort of their room, so that they also can relax even if they are just staying in their room.
While taking the decision of your loved one living at an Old Age home is not an easy one to make and also hard to accept, it always assures that your loved one will receive the proper care and support they need as they are ageing, while they are still able to maintain their semi-independent lifestyle.

Elderly care centers are ideal for elder people who are alone, facing various health problems, fighting from depression and loneliness.

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